Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry X'mas!

China photos once I'm done... hur hur.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fly away~

Off I go. To China. Guilin. Guangxi. Don't miss me, my darlings.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daily. Ok, its not so daily now.

Thanks to everyone who came for my *not so surprise, thanks to boon hock* celebration, and for the beautifully awesome present. Special thanks to the organiser(s) too =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

You can (not) advance.

Yes. Evangelion 2.0. Awesome, mindblowing shit. Worth every penny of the movie ticket. Now the long wait for 3.0 begins. Hur Hur.

I bought Modern Warfare 2. This could be one of the biggest mistakes of my life... its just so addictively awesome. My life shall be wasted on this game. Lots of it. hur.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daily Environment Sketch 1

15 minutes. While I was supposed to be working... hur. Make it a point to keep them coming, daily. It shall be done.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hummer. Car Dude1.

Ok. Took awhile, but hey....

There's supposed tobe more, I know.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Yes, slump. So I shall post up random stuff instead.

Old Brown Shoe's quality has dropped. Pretty badly. Calamari tasted like dried rubber bands *and looked like that..*, the ladies weren't happy with the fish and chips, which looked a little too oily even by my standards. New chef? Maybe. Just didn't feel the same. Perhaps it just wasn't the right company.

*at this point, I've sort of forgotten what else I'd wanted to say.*

I'm dawdling with Saffron. Dawdling with Wraith. And Octopus Girl. And a lot of other things.

I'm starting to really hate Singtel.

Been having a screwed throat for the past 2 weeks. Started with flu, then a throat infection. Seen the doctor twice, to no avail. Each time it seems like its getting better, I go back to work and it gets worse. Its finally recovering, but hell, its taking a bloody long time. FFS, took me only 1 night to recover from a bloody fever, with no medication. Why's a throat infection taking so long?

My drawing table at home collapsed. Its now propped up with boxes and comics. LOL. Yes, like I did with my bed when that collapsed a while back. But heh, the bed's fixed permanently. I think?

*by now, you've probably realised that I'm just typing whatever comes to mind... no?*

Playing L4D again. Don't think I'll be getting part 2 though... looks too much like a rip off.

Had a good dinner at Liang Court Basement. The Japanese food court. Then went nuts at the Japanese supermarket. Bought a packet of Almond Rochas which... someone threw away with the trash. Ahem.

I'm in love with Miho Fukuhara. First heard her on FMA Brotherhood's latest ED, Let It Out. Went on imeem to search for her stuff and man... was I surprised. She's good. Linked playlist for those with an imeem acc.

And.. I still want to go for Brazillian meat buffet. And chocolate buffet. And sashimi. Yes... maybe I shall think about what I'd want to have for my last meal on earth.... random apocolyptic thought of the day.

Thank you Harkem, for giving me something to do. And a chance to make amends for disappearing, LOL.

Looking forward to OIC Portrait Day.

Artwork in the next post.

Friday, September 4, 2009


The mad man in me just surfaced....

Was supposed to shop for birthday present. Spent 200+++... without getting the present. Heck, the money wasn't even spent on things I actually needed....

Is this what happens when you have too much pent up frustration, and you haven't had retail therapy for.... almost a yr? Ah well... at least now I can clear out a part of my wardrobe...

Still no cowboy hat though. Drats.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Its amazing how much time i spent on this.... unearthly. I must paint faster. And stop staring into space while doing it. meh. Well.. quite happy with her, truth be told.

Next one on the list.. Saffron. Redhead. Ooooh yeah baby.

Counting down to chocolate buffet. Really... nothing much else to look forward to in terms of entertainment / life in general. Maybe Eva 2.0. Maybe scuba. Maybe fly kite. And Henderson Waves.. (supposed to go long time ago...). Maybe.

Oh yes, and the next Liverpool match. Come on you Reds!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sugar, version 2

dead skin tone still looks dead.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


She looks really deranged... small. Blahz.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Colour theory, in a nutshell

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Self reminder..

List of stuff I have on hand.

Short term illustrations

- the rabbit
- sinyo, aka octopussy *laughs*
- Sugar
- beer hotel
- Wraith

Long term projects

- Sugar and Spice (conceptualise)
- Rose (gunblade girl) + sidekick
- the mecha race, including Wraith (leftover from the zoopid proj)
- mecha designs for Wing: The Last Tango *sniggers*
- redevelop the cast of Carnage (Wolfgang, Orion, Diva, etc.)
- my own "brand", including new banner, new "mascot"

Friday, July 31, 2009


WIP. I have more WIPs. But I'll show these first.

Updates on life:

Pasta Inc + Old Brown Shoe dinner outing. Shiokness. Again, too much sin for one night.. the panna cotta I had for dessert was drop dead delicious. Again... who gives a damn for sin? I live to eat. LOL!

Flash Mob Vivo was awesome. Fun. Yes despite the poor organisation, despite the lack of spontaneity from Singaporeans ..... despite Nicci giggling non-stop beside me, despite Nani doing her taichi dance in front of me. Then again, that was part of the fun too. mwahahah!! Photos on facebook.

*and I still don't know what Nicci was doing beside me. What the hell was she giggling at man?*

Bond period is drawing to a close. Seriously looking at schools. Considering selling my soul. LOL. *what soul, you might say... ah well.* Portfolio ah... portfolio. Work work work.

Thrown my excercise regime out of the window, and its all coming back. The fat, that is. Time to restart. hoooo.... Wonder if October would be a good time to scuba. Again. Oh yes, our PADI certs are ready for collection. Reminder to self: buy the RDP when you go down to collect it.

Joined the ladies for swim for the first time. Sinyo and YY swim well; the other 2 are.. well. Still finding their way? Though Juls's a pretty fast learner. Maybe I'll join them again next week. Maybe I'll join CL for run. Ah, decisions decisions. In the meantime, I shall swim at lunch time again; been eating too much. LOL!

I'm looking forward to the sashimi dinner. And Barrage. Did I say I'm supposed to be on a diet?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art. Spam. Weee!!

I've almost forgotten abt this blog =P

Lots of things have happened since the last entry. Gone and survived scuba (I'm now a certified Open Water Diver), gone on holiday in the Cameron Highlands, and finally, finally... started using Painter. The above are all Painter. Still getting used to it, and my copy has a lot of bugs... (lost the work file of don.jpg... for no reason whatsover..) but anyway. Its a start. Muddy painting is still muddy, still suck at skin tones and everything else in general... Its a shame really, that the one i'm most satisfied with is the one I did first. Ah well *shrugs*

btw, first one is for company art dept art jam *yes! we have one of those! weekly! weee!!!*, second one's for donna, third one's for Sha. Sorry, borrowed your idea somwhat... LOL!

Now hooked on Gordon Ramsay. And hooked on Painter. Why didn't I do this earlier? Oh, fuck me =P

Thursday, June 11, 2009

tuesday, 9th June 2009. Day of Sin.

Everyone needs food therapy. Some need it more than once in a while, some need it more than once a day. I belong in both categories. Sheesh XD

Pasta Inc, again. This time its our first ever.... MF WW Art Team lunch. OMG... *while i silently wonder how many more there'll be.. LOL*!!!

My oh so heavenly carbonara pasta. I tried to promote the Nero de Seppia to the others, but no one took the bait. Dammit. This was one hell of a carbonara though. So good...

3 of us ordered it. LOL!! Well actually it was a coincidence, only realised these Christina and Juline ordered the same thing when it was served. Talk about coincidences. On a side note.. Juline doesn't like being captured on camera, when she's not ready. Just look at the murderous aura.

The other dudes at the party. Chan Leen, the suave hunky dude in the white top, and David the... not so suave and hunky.

Good session overall. Food therapy is good for productivity!! *I know, I felt too happy to work after that LOL!!*

Enough for a day? Hell no. You can never do too much sin, or have too much good food in a day.

Next up: Old Brown Shoe!! Dinner!!

Weston's Vintage Cinder, ooo so sexay calamari, ooo so pretty picture on the newspaper wrapping.

And there's the sexier stuff. Oooo la la!! Don't be deceived... there's a mountain of chips underneath that huge plateau of fried fish.

Too much sin for a day? Maybe. *burps*

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A little bit of pasta heaven. Inc.

reminder to self: sinful lunches might make you happy, but it also burns a huge hole in the wallet.
reminder to self v2: if it makes you happy, then the hole is worth burning.

Friday the 29th of May, last working day of the month. Frustrated as always, and having brought my swim gear home, I decided to walk out for lunch. I remembered this place, a short walking distance from my office, that I've been wanting to try for awhile but always changed my mind at the last minute. Budget lah. On this day, I decided, fuck it, I'm going in.

So I did. I was greeted by the manager Keith, and ushered inside without much fuss. Inside, there wasn't much fuss either: Nice crystal lightings, red on white curtains / table cloths, very cosy looking dining area. First impression: Hmm. Nice, but could do wiht a little renovation.

Service was really prompt and friendly. Ordered 3 course set lunch after looking through the menu (pastas on their own are between 13 - 19, + 3 dollars for soup and tiramisu... sounded too good to be true. there're also pizzas and baked rice on the menu).

Soup was served first, with a basket of sliced bread. Bread was ok; the soup was something else altogether. I've almost never had such rich tasting mushroom soup *zuchinni something, can't remember the actual name* with real, chewy mushroom bits. Flavourful. Great start to the meal.

Pasta was up next. Based on info from various foodblogs and sites, I found out that this place is reknowned for its squid ink pasta (nero di seppia), so I decided to try that. Black mess it looked like *first time trying, lah... always thought that the black stuff was a bit of a turn off*: spaghetti topped off with a couple of plump looking prawns, 1 mussel and several clams. Well, still didn't look particularly appetising.

But once you start eating, you realise something: This isn't just any black mess of spaghetti. It.was.awesome. *shall I try to say it like barney? nah....* Pasta was springy, chewy, full of zing. I think the correct term is al dente? Ah well, who cares. It was awesome. The seafood was fresh too; something we should expect, but still a nice touch. Sometimes, you feel the urge to just gobble everything down: not because the food is good, but because its just too yucky. None of that here, took quite a while to savour every last strand of spaghetti, in fact.

I nearly burped out loud, and there's still the tiramisu to come! And this, is one of the better tiramisu I've had. *ok, i've not had a lot of it, but you get my point.* Melt-in-your-mouth, rum-infused cake layer, coming together in a little plate of sinful gastronomic sin. Wow. It was good.

Good stress relief. Good food makes a happy man out of this grouchy pot bellied weirdo. I'll be back here soon enough, me thinks. And next time, I shall remember to take some peektures.

Pasta Inc. A little bit of pasta heaven. Do a search for it on hungrygowhere if you're interested =)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I confess.

A long time ago. At East Coast Park. On a crowded, weekend afternoon. A certain someone was cycling. Well, learning how to cycle anyway, since he's pretty noob at it. This certain someone had a few problems: firstly, his sense of balance is as good as that of a walking water bed. secondly, there were alot of people, cycling, walking, running, throwing sand at each other yadda yadda... near and around the tracks he was trying to learn to cycle. A noob cyclist, a lot of screaming kids running around. Sounds like a perfect recipe for disaster? You bet, and it nearly was. While cycling at full speed *since, in his noob cyclist state, he couldn't really balance unless he was speeding*, a little kid suddenly appeared out of nowhere, across his path. Holy mother fuck!he screamed in his mind!as he panicked and tried to maneuver out of the kid's way. the irony of it all? He managed to prevent the kid's death-by-rampaging-noob-cyclist, but failed to avoid the black metal lamppost. Yes, you'd think the moving target would be harder to dodge... the poor cyclist left East Coast Park with a long gash on his shin, a severely bruised ego, and a hugely painful pump on his head. Plus the memory of a traumatising event, which goes like... *100 stares frm curious onlookers wondering what the fuck just happened, a few laughing friends at the side, and a very shell shocked kiddo who happened to walk acroos his path.*

That cyclist was me. And today, that cyclist went back to Pulau Ubin for another shot at the *Learn how to cycle or forever be a noob* challenge.

I'm back at home now, relatively unscathed. Save for very sore forearms, very tired legs.

So, this time, I won. Without falling over even once. Nearly did a couple of times, but well.. I'm proud of myself. *smirks*

Plus. Today, someone told me something very interesting. I also saw alot of interesting things happening. Yes, its gotten me interested. *laughs*

ps> I really love having the wind in my face. Whether its on a boat, soaked in sea spray, or down a dirt track on a speeding bicycle.

Friday, May 22, 2009

After a week of swimming and running...

I feel like crap. I think.. its a case of too much, too soon. Lunchtime swim, night time run. Repeat. Though its only a 10 lap leisure swim, and a short / slow jog of approx. 3km at night, + 50 push ups daily, 25 in the morning, 25 at night. My body feels wasted. I guess.. its a transition period. Body's getting used to this new excercise regime. I shall persevere, and up the tempo when I feel up for it.

On the plus side, I'm starting to see results.. so hang in there. I shall be tall, dark, handsome.. and healthy, soon enough. LOL!

Work? Nah. I shall not talk about work here. Personal work, maybe. I'll need to list out all the things I wanted to do, for a start.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little update on life v0.004

Uploaded kelong photos on facebook. Its long overdue, I know.

Heck, everything is long overdue. Long list of artwork that I've supposed to have done long long long long long long time ago.

Excercise routine begins. Run, swim, run, swim... lah. I'm getting my old tan back. Hopefully the belly and flabby ass will go away soon enough.

Diet, diet, diet.

Thought of buying a watch.

Might have to get spectacles sooner than I thought.

Snapped at work today: Stormed out of the office after yet another power trip. Sent out a really nasty email after that. I was childish, out of control, in need of anger management. Blahz.

Backup, reboot, reformat. beeeeeep.

I need the booze at OBS real soon. Where are my drinking buddies yo!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reality. I have returned. Bye Bye Kelong.

Back frm kelong trip. 2.5 days of.. chill. Not the cold type of chill, but the relax, recharge kind of chill.

Some things I discovered over the course of this trip.

1. Fishing while dipping your feet in the water is really therapeutic. Actually, the motions involved in casting ur fishing line is, in itself, really therapeutic. First time I fished since my uncle brought me to Tuas like... 20 yrs ago? hur hur.

2. Its not the catching the fish that really matters. I "caught" 2 fish. The first one, wasn't sure if it was a catch, just felt something pulling at my line. So i reeled it in, and omg! there was a fish. Smallish little creature, threshing abt wildly. Good for it that it did, cause.. the fish, small as it was, managed to snap my hook just as i was abt to reel it out of the water. *shrugs*. The second one.. wow. Felt a very strong tug, which I thought was the current, or something getting caught in my hook. Reeled it in anyway, that was then I realised I had a catch, since the tugging continued. Seemed like it was a patterned tug. Like.. tug tug tug, pause, tug. Pause... TUG. woo, heavy heavy. I started reeling in faster (juline says i look bo chap then... LOL?), getting more excited with anticipation, till finally I could see the little punk I baited. OMG. A. PUFFER. FISH. Yellow and black spots, puffed up, and looking pretty pissed. LOL! Reeled the dude out of the water (reel actually got stuck at this point. I think I spaced out for a while and reeled the wrong direction. whichever.) while it was still doing its tug tug pause routine. When it was finally out of the water, it stopped, seemingly resigned to its fate. Man! for its size, that punk is heavy.. could feel its weight through the line. I looked at the fish, now motionless except for the puffing of its gills, when suddenly, the fella decided to go for it one last time. Violently convulsing from side to side...side to side.... PIAK. My line broke. Amidst screams of OMG!, from juline, and the I just got kicked in the nuts look frm me, the fish sped off into the murky depths, tail sweeping frm side to side as if it was doing a butt shaking taunt action. Ah well, good luck to you puffer. Next time, don't bite on anything that moves: Not everyday u'll encounter a fisher as noob and sway as me.

So it was, a grand total of 2 *so near yet so far* fish.

3. I miss canoeing. We went, though this time it was much shorter than any of my previous trips. Little less than an hour. Not enough, lah... no shiok burning sensation in my arms. You know, that kind of.. arm-shack-until-cannot-lift, finger-weak-until-cannot-open-drink-can kind of burning sensation? Yeah, you got it.

4. Fireflies are very fragile. Beautiful they are, exactly why they should be left in their natural habitats. So they can strut the butts and light their arses. Happily. With all their other happily lighting up brothers and sisters.

5. Too much for my puny x486 vegetable brain.

6. Seafood makes you fat. 2 days of seafood makes you rotund. Good stingray, fresh juicy fish...fingah leeking goood, but still, it makes you rotund. Bad bad.

I feel recharged, relaxed. Good. Calm. Yes, good. Lets see how long this feel good effect lasts.

*edit, add on. Grandfather passed away last night. Not particularly close to him, but yeah...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little update on life v0.003

1st draft of the Wacom competition piece. 3 other ideas I have in mind, sketch all out before I decide which one to finalise. Over the next few days, they'll come.

Farm visit on 19 Apr. Unexpected guest appearance frm... Jess. *gasp* We should go out and walk walk more often. Just... dont eat so much next time. hahaha.

Feeling things I shouldn't be feeling. Stick with the decision you've made, idiot; don't falter now.

Agreement with Shahida. Countdown now stands at 358 days. Fighting!!! RAWR!!!

I wonder if I should bitch about work here. Ah well, nope.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fooled... long nostalgic walk

By SGH. The appointment system decided to make fun of me. What happened this morning:

Put down my appointment card at the reception, the nurse picked up my card, looks extremely puzzled, and asks me: "You're seeing Dr Tan. today?" "Yah, missed my last appointment and rescheduled it to today." "But she's been on leave the past week, she'll only be back tomorrow!"

Blahz. Wasted half day of my leave.

And today, after running at Commonwealth, I took a really long walk. Initial plan was to walk to clementi / buona vista and take train home frm there. But upon reaching Buona Vista, as I walked past that underpass from the station to the old housing estate, I stopped and stoned. For a good 10 minutes. Its been... 9 yrs? since the times when I walked through that same underpass everyday on my daily commute. The same underpass I walked.. sometimes alone, sometimes with others, sometimes with someone else. I carried on walking. Through Ghim Moh, past the hawker centre *most of the stalls were closed* while remembering all the good food there *johnson's duck rice, that stall with the crazily delicious chee cheong fun and yam cake, the sugarcane juice, the other stall with the orh jian...*. Past the ex-Mcdonalds where me and TKS used to order the 2 dollar breakfast and sit there all day with McCrispy chicken for lunch *you know, that was one of the few good items they had on the menu. Anyone remember that?* Carried on walking up Mt Sinai Rd, past the gates of the old RJC *slowed down a lot along that stretch... ah memories memories*, past the now totally revamped HPPS, out Holland Road. A good, long 1hr + walk in the night breeze. *Funny how the air was freaking stagnant during my run, yet it was so breezy during my walk. Weirdness.*

I wonder if I shall walk that route again next week. Could even stop by the XO beehoon stall. Hur hur.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The long road to being a full time hentai artist...

Starts here? donch know... I donch know!!!

WIP, request from Harkem.... not sure if this fits ur requirements but... I had fun. mwahahaha XD

Friday, March 20, 2009


I think I should be more, disciplined? Its been quite a while.

Brian McKnight was awesome. A friend had said: Aiyah, brian mcknight's concert.. listen to mp3 can liao lor. Well, I'm glad I stood my ground and went for it. He proved, without a doubt, that there're somethings that can never be replaced with a muttering stutter and jarring special effects. Or stage gimmicks. Or whatever. Nothing beats hearing the man belt it out live, in person. Step over, Jay Chou, the "listen to mp3 can liao" comment, I reserve it for you XD

It was beautiful. Everything from his voice *wasn't expecting less* to the crowd. I've not been to a better concert *then again, i've not been to alot of concerts? lol* and I hope he meant it when he said he loved Singapore, and would love to be back. If he does come back, I'll be there again, I know it. Weeks of skipping lunch to save on the lunch money was worth it. The only regret, if at all, was that he didn't perform the songs I wanted so much to hear. But yah, thats being really picky. Back at One, One Last Cry. Nearly did. Cry.

And thanks for going with me =)

Gone to Detroit Metal City. Came back in one piece, but found one broken supporting beam in my bed. And I thought my weight loss plan was going well, boo hoo.

Ah well.

Monday, March 9, 2009


For JW's autograph book. Must admit, I had fun doing it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inspiration. Motivation.

Shall keep this, for the times when I need the above.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First post for 2009. weee~~

On 4 Jan. 4 days into the new yr, and everything seems peaceful. Started cleaning my room, started planning meet-ups with friends, started doing some random sketching *in the process discovering that i've kind of lost it. meh*

Dont' knw about new year resolutions: I've never followed any of my past ones. Always seem to forget them after a while. So this time, instead of a resolution for an entire year, I'll have plans for phases: like, you know a quarterly report of sorts. So a couple of short term goals for the first quarter of 2009:

1. scuba licence. already planning for it with my jie mei.
2. daily sketch of anything. Just so I don't lose it. again.
3. monthly completed work (painting, drawing, whichever)
4. Restart running / workout routine.

Also have a few things I'm keeping in view:

1. work wise, to survive my last mth of probation.
2. and then start preparing/compiling work for portfolio again. Remember that contract runs out in Sept.
3. Keep education plans updated, look out for scholarships and stuff like that.
4. Continue savings plans. restrict spending to <$50 / week. Continue cutting expenses AMAP.
5. Be happy. When all else fails, I have my jie meis and buddies. When even that fails, I have my pet fish.
6. Lose weight. Keep the skin tone. Then I'll finally be tall, dark and handsome. weee~

Well, its a new year. As I said to those who got my new yr sms: Hope 2009 is less of a bitch than 2008. And maybe, just maybe, I may finally clean up my room.

ps: btw, the very interesting thing over at the zupids that I mentioned previously? its up. have a good laugh XD