Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fooled... long nostalgic walk

By SGH. The appointment system decided to make fun of me. What happened this morning:

Put down my appointment card at the reception, the nurse picked up my card, looks extremely puzzled, and asks me: "You're seeing Dr Tan. today?" "Yah, missed my last appointment and rescheduled it to today." "But she's been on leave the past week, she'll only be back tomorrow!"

Blahz. Wasted half day of my leave.

And today, after running at Commonwealth, I took a really long walk. Initial plan was to walk to clementi / buona vista and take train home frm there. But upon reaching Buona Vista, as I walked past that underpass from the station to the old housing estate, I stopped and stoned. For a good 10 minutes. Its been... 9 yrs? since the times when I walked through that same underpass everyday on my daily commute. The same underpass I walked.. sometimes alone, sometimes with others, sometimes with someone else. I carried on walking. Through Ghim Moh, past the hawker centre *most of the stalls were closed* while remembering all the good food there *johnson's duck rice, that stall with the crazily delicious chee cheong fun and yam cake, the sugarcane juice, the other stall with the orh jian...*. Past the ex-Mcdonalds where me and TKS used to order the 2 dollar breakfast and sit there all day with McCrispy chicken for lunch *you know, that was one of the few good items they had on the menu. Anyone remember that?* Carried on walking up Mt Sinai Rd, past the gates of the old RJC *slowed down a lot along that stretch... ah memories memories*, past the now totally revamped HPPS, out Holland Road. A good, long 1hr + walk in the night breeze. *Funny how the air was freaking stagnant during my run, yet it was so breezy during my walk. Weirdness.*

I wonder if I shall walk that route again next week. Could even stop by the XO beehoon stall. Hur hur.

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