Friday, July 31, 2009


WIP. I have more WIPs. But I'll show these first.

Updates on life:

Pasta Inc + Old Brown Shoe dinner outing. Shiokness. Again, too much sin for one night.. the panna cotta I had for dessert was drop dead delicious. Again... who gives a damn for sin? I live to eat. LOL!

Flash Mob Vivo was awesome. Fun. Yes despite the poor organisation, despite the lack of spontaneity from Singaporeans ..... despite Nicci giggling non-stop beside me, despite Nani doing her taichi dance in front of me. Then again, that was part of the fun too. mwahahah!! Photos on facebook.

*and I still don't know what Nicci was doing beside me. What the hell was she giggling at man?*

Bond period is drawing to a close. Seriously looking at schools. Considering selling my soul. LOL. *what soul, you might say... ah well.* Portfolio ah... portfolio. Work work work.

Thrown my excercise regime out of the window, and its all coming back. The fat, that is. Time to restart. hoooo.... Wonder if October would be a good time to scuba. Again. Oh yes, our PADI certs are ready for collection. Reminder to self: buy the RDP when you go down to collect it.

Joined the ladies for swim for the first time. Sinyo and YY swim well; the other 2 are.. well. Still finding their way? Though Juls's a pretty fast learner. Maybe I'll join them again next week. Maybe I'll join CL for run. Ah, decisions decisions. In the meantime, I shall swim at lunch time again; been eating too much. LOL!

I'm looking forward to the sashimi dinner. And Barrage. Did I say I'm supposed to be on a diet?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art. Spam. Weee!!

I've almost forgotten abt this blog =P

Lots of things have happened since the last entry. Gone and survived scuba (I'm now a certified Open Water Diver), gone on holiday in the Cameron Highlands, and finally, finally... started using Painter. The above are all Painter. Still getting used to it, and my copy has a lot of bugs... (lost the work file of don.jpg... for no reason whatsover..) but anyway. Its a start. Muddy painting is still muddy, still suck at skin tones and everything else in general... Its a shame really, that the one i'm most satisfied with is the one I did first. Ah well *shrugs*

btw, first one is for company art dept art jam *yes! we have one of those! weekly! weee!!!*, second one's for donna, third one's for Sha. Sorry, borrowed your idea somwhat... LOL!

Now hooked on Gordon Ramsay. And hooked on Painter. Why didn't I do this earlier? Oh, fuck me =P