Friday, March 20, 2009


I think I should be more, disciplined? Its been quite a while.

Brian McKnight was awesome. A friend had said: Aiyah, brian mcknight's concert.. listen to mp3 can liao lor. Well, I'm glad I stood my ground and went for it. He proved, without a doubt, that there're somethings that can never be replaced with a muttering stutter and jarring special effects. Or stage gimmicks. Or whatever. Nothing beats hearing the man belt it out live, in person. Step over, Jay Chou, the "listen to mp3 can liao" comment, I reserve it for you XD

It was beautiful. Everything from his voice *wasn't expecting less* to the crowd. I've not been to a better concert *then again, i've not been to alot of concerts? lol* and I hope he meant it when he said he loved Singapore, and would love to be back. If he does come back, I'll be there again, I know it. Weeks of skipping lunch to save on the lunch money was worth it. The only regret, if at all, was that he didn't perform the songs I wanted so much to hear. But yah, thats being really picky. Back at One, One Last Cry. Nearly did. Cry.

And thanks for going with me =)

Gone to Detroit Metal City. Came back in one piece, but found one broken supporting beam in my bed. And I thought my weight loss plan was going well, boo hoo.

Ah well.