Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reality. I have returned. Bye Bye Kelong.

Back frm kelong trip. 2.5 days of.. chill. Not the cold type of chill, but the relax, recharge kind of chill.

Some things I discovered over the course of this trip.

1. Fishing while dipping your feet in the water is really therapeutic. Actually, the motions involved in casting ur fishing line is, in itself, really therapeutic. First time I fished since my uncle brought me to Tuas like... 20 yrs ago? hur hur.

2. Its not the catching the fish that really matters. I "caught" 2 fish. The first one, wasn't sure if it was a catch, just felt something pulling at my line. So i reeled it in, and omg! there was a fish. Smallish little creature, threshing abt wildly. Good for it that it did, cause.. the fish, small as it was, managed to snap my hook just as i was abt to reel it out of the water. *shrugs*. The second one.. wow. Felt a very strong tug, which I thought was the current, or something getting caught in my hook. Reeled it in anyway, that was then I realised I had a catch, since the tugging continued. Seemed like it was a patterned tug. Like.. tug tug tug, pause, tug. Pause... TUG. woo, heavy heavy. I started reeling in faster (juline says i look bo chap then... LOL?), getting more excited with anticipation, till finally I could see the little punk I baited. OMG. A. PUFFER. FISH. Yellow and black spots, puffed up, and looking pretty pissed. LOL! Reeled the dude out of the water (reel actually got stuck at this point. I think I spaced out for a while and reeled the wrong direction. whichever.) while it was still doing its tug tug pause routine. When it was finally out of the water, it stopped, seemingly resigned to its fate. Man! for its size, that punk is heavy.. could feel its weight through the line. I looked at the fish, now motionless except for the puffing of its gills, when suddenly, the fella decided to go for it one last time. Violently convulsing from side to side...side to side.... PIAK. My line broke. Amidst screams of OMG!, from juline, and the I just got kicked in the nuts look frm me, the fish sped off into the murky depths, tail sweeping frm side to side as if it was doing a butt shaking taunt action. Ah well, good luck to you puffer. Next time, don't bite on anything that moves: Not everyday u'll encounter a fisher as noob and sway as me.

So it was, a grand total of 2 *so near yet so far* fish.

3. I miss canoeing. We went, though this time it was much shorter than any of my previous trips. Little less than an hour. Not enough, lah... no shiok burning sensation in my arms. You know, that kind of.. arm-shack-until-cannot-lift, finger-weak-until-cannot-open-drink-can kind of burning sensation? Yeah, you got it.

4. Fireflies are very fragile. Beautiful they are, exactly why they should be left in their natural habitats. So they can strut the butts and light their arses. Happily. With all their other happily lighting up brothers and sisters.

5. Too much for my puny x486 vegetable brain.

6. Seafood makes you fat. 2 days of seafood makes you rotund. Good stingray, fresh juicy fish...fingah leeking goood, but still, it makes you rotund. Bad bad.

I feel recharged, relaxed. Good. Calm. Yes, good. Lets see how long this feel good effect lasts.

*edit, add on. Grandfather passed away last night. Not particularly close to him, but yeah...

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