Friday, October 2, 2009


Yes, slump. So I shall post up random stuff instead.

Old Brown Shoe's quality has dropped. Pretty badly. Calamari tasted like dried rubber bands *and looked like that..*, the ladies weren't happy with the fish and chips, which looked a little too oily even by my standards. New chef? Maybe. Just didn't feel the same. Perhaps it just wasn't the right company.

*at this point, I've sort of forgotten what else I'd wanted to say.*

I'm dawdling with Saffron. Dawdling with Wraith. And Octopus Girl. And a lot of other things.

I'm starting to really hate Singtel.

Been having a screwed throat for the past 2 weeks. Started with flu, then a throat infection. Seen the doctor twice, to no avail. Each time it seems like its getting better, I go back to work and it gets worse. Its finally recovering, but hell, its taking a bloody long time. FFS, took me only 1 night to recover from a bloody fever, with no medication. Why's a throat infection taking so long?

My drawing table at home collapsed. Its now propped up with boxes and comics. LOL. Yes, like I did with my bed when that collapsed a while back. But heh, the bed's fixed permanently. I think?

*by now, you've probably realised that I'm just typing whatever comes to mind... no?*

Playing L4D again. Don't think I'll be getting part 2 though... looks too much like a rip off.

Had a good dinner at Liang Court Basement. The Japanese food court. Then went nuts at the Japanese supermarket. Bought a packet of Almond Rochas which... someone threw away with the trash. Ahem.

I'm in love with Miho Fukuhara. First heard her on FMA Brotherhood's latest ED, Let It Out. Went on imeem to search for her stuff and man... was I surprised. She's good. Linked playlist for those with an imeem acc.

And.. I still want to go for Brazillian meat buffet. And chocolate buffet. And sashimi. Yes... maybe I shall think about what I'd want to have for my last meal on earth.... random apocolyptic thought of the day.

Thank you Harkem, for giving me something to do. And a chance to make amends for disappearing, LOL.

Looking forward to OIC Portrait Day.

Artwork in the next post.

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