Monday, May 26, 2008

This is me???

I am loving this dude right now... hahahaha. Feels so much like me, its uncanny. Kind of sad, though, that I'm more like a plant than human? *chuckles*

Loosely inspired by the Dai-Gurren-dan's logo from Gurren Lagann. Never mind if you don't know what I'm babbling about =)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weee... this blog's been de-flowered!!!

Alright, first post. Its about time I started getting down to work again. Get back in the mood for drawing, then CG. We'll c if I get to that, lol.

First one's a supposed bday present *very late, and I lost the original so this is another version*, the 2nd one's a theme that ended up quite random. Shrugz.

Had a bad argument with a close friend the other day; jumped to conclusions and doubted her when I shouldn't have. If you're reading this, I'm really sorry it happened... I didn't mean to doubt you.

Today is the 26 May 08.