Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mental Sums...

Heads up, the end of the year is fast approaching and so... its time to start thinking of another resolution for the new year that I'll probably not follow anyway.

Nah. Planning for the future is quite pointless right now. Instead, I shall look back on the past festive season and... do my maths. X-mas is over, and I'm not expecting *and not hoping for* any more surprises in the new yr. So, as it stands now, I've gotten the following as presents (x-mas, bdays, whatever):

1 very colourful PURPLE T-shirt *thanks you ladies and gentleman...*
1 very PINK t-shirt *to the same bunch of people...*
1 black with gold-printed GUYS NIGHT OUT t-shirt *company xmas exchange, don't knw what to say to this really...*
RHS vouchers *tks*
1 revoltech Gurren Lagann *loves it, thanks a lot =)*
1 handphone strap *well...*
1 copy of ImagineFX *omg... never thought I'd get something like this for gift exchange, awesome shit*
1 imitation Liverpool Jersey *oh well... lolz, tks I guess, haha*

Not too bad a haul, some pleasant surprises, some... pretty orz presents, la la.

I've way overspent again. Just did my sums for Oct - December. Including household expenses, I've spent a grand total of approx 4k in 3 mths. Horrible, horrible. I shall have to hibernate, scrimp and save for the next few mths, esp if I do go for the scuba licence.

And I've come to a decision, finally. Yep, enough is enough. Sometimes, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser. When all else fails, I have my sisters, my sister's mum (LOL, you know who you are), my friends. When even that fails..... I have despair.com to let me laugh it off.

Almost becoming a drama addict. So I guess, not much art update for the time being. There's a niggling suspicion that I might not survive my probation *probably another case of hypersensitive paranoia* but we'll tackle that if it happens. IF.

Lastly, some interesting stuff happening over at the zupids. Link on the right. Actually, we're expecting some interesting stuff to happen that is supposed to have happened already....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A little update on life v0.002

Test, test. Ok.

Its been about 2 weeks. 2 uneventful weeks. Wouldn't even have realised that 2 weeks had passed, if I didn't bother checking the dates. Anyway...

Collected my first paycheque frm current workplace. December hadn't started, and I've basically spent my December budget. Happy happy joy joy.

27th Nov. My birthday came and went. Got bday smses, facebook msgs, msn msgs. My current colleagues gave me a surprise birthday celebration in the office. Went through the motions. I wonder what their response would have been like if I had told them "I stopped celebrating my birthday 12 yrs ago." Maybe I'll try that next year.

Same day, dinner at NYNY @ AMK Hub. Got a pleasant surprise frm the bunch. I love the shirts (ok the pink one is a bit too big, and needs some getting used to I guess...) but yeah. Love it. Thanks for everything XD

29th Nov. Kbox session + bday celebration. Kind of. Kbox, followed by window shopping for a couple of hours, followed by lunch/dessert session at NYDC. The mudpie was awesome. Wush, pass me the photo of my mudpie please. I want to relive the taste of it. In the process of it all I quietly came to a decision. And, I'd like to say thanks to the organiser. Really appreciate the effort for everything =)

That was followed by my mum's bday celebration, which was utterly... spoilt. Utterly, totally spoilt only because some smart ass decided to ask his friends to come along for a drink and swearing session that was totally unwelcome, decided on all our behalfs to go to a restaurant no one really wants to go to *despite us making plans to go somewhere else*, and force beer down my throat when I wasn't in the mood to drink.

"Eh, you want to drink beer?"
"Nevermind just serve him beer."

All the while my mum had this black face that he was totally oblivious to. Overall, a BAD day.

1 Dec. Had a much happier "celebration" at Brussels Sprouts with Donna, Len, Wush and... JIM. Yesh the phantom crawled out of her tomb! Wow, wasn't expecting her to turn up, honestly, but yeah, greatly appreciated. Donna, you look great, so forget the diet plan already. If any guy minds, just tell him to take it or fuck off. And to whom it may concern, we'll find you a nice boy, no worries abt it. Just... find me a nice girl in return. wahahahahah XD

4 Dec. WQ's long awaited wedding. It was really... a night to remember. Its amazing how long they've been together (3300++ days... omg) and even more amazing, how much they're still in love after so long. The wedding itself was beautiful: the lighting was perfect romantic, the food good; the company a blast. As Kenneth says, one of the best he's attended. I totally agree. Now we await the arrival of Audrey/WQ jr. Audrey's husband, get to work already.

I think I should paint something happy to brighten my life up a little. Oh yes, X mas is coming no? Then again, the painting mood has eluded me. Probably gonna take a while to get it back.

Now let me try to get into a festive mood, while I think of what presents to get for people. weee~