Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inspiration. Motivation.

Shall keep this, for the times when I need the above.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First post for 2009. weee~~

On 4 Jan. 4 days into the new yr, and everything seems peaceful. Started cleaning my room, started planning meet-ups with friends, started doing some random sketching *in the process discovering that i've kind of lost it. meh*

Dont' knw about new year resolutions: I've never followed any of my past ones. Always seem to forget them after a while. So this time, instead of a resolution for an entire year, I'll have plans for phases: like, you know a quarterly report of sorts. So a couple of short term goals for the first quarter of 2009:

1. scuba licence. already planning for it with my jie mei.
2. daily sketch of anything. Just so I don't lose it. again.
3. monthly completed work (painting, drawing, whichever)
4. Restart running / workout routine.

Also have a few things I'm keeping in view:

1. work wise, to survive my last mth of probation.
2. and then start preparing/compiling work for portfolio again. Remember that contract runs out in Sept.
3. Keep education plans updated, look out for scholarships and stuff like that.
4. Continue savings plans. restrict spending to <$50 / week. Continue cutting expenses AMAP.
5. Be happy. When all else fails, I have my jie meis and buddies. When even that fails, I have my pet fish.
6. Lose weight. Keep the skin tone. Then I'll finally be tall, dark and handsome. weee~

Well, its a new year. As I said to those who got my new yr sms: Hope 2009 is less of a bitch than 2008. And maybe, just maybe, I may finally clean up my room.

ps: btw, the very interesting thing over at the zupids that I mentioned previously? its up. have a good laugh XD