Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day of the Unicorn

End of a wretched week, when nothing, big small minor trivial, seemed to go right. But well, you know what they say... weather the storm, and you see the brilliant sunshine when the clouds clear (守得云开,见月明). Sometimes all it takes to make your week, is some god awesome robot anime *laughs*


"Do you have the confidence that the feelings you've followed here will not falter?

The burden she carries with her isn't light.... to walk alongside her, you must be prepared to shoulder the entire world... Do you still wish to go?"

"I have no confidence, nor am I prepared.... I just want her to need me."


Its been a while, not since Macross Zero, since I've been so excited over an OVA release. The anticipation been building up for a while: since news was first released about its impending release, many fans have waited for the day. Sick of the new thrash series Gundams (yes SEED, Destiny and OO, I mean you, you and you.) Sunrise has been dishing out, hardcore Gundam fans have clamoured for a new UC series, back to the old school when the plot actually mattered. The announcement of several projects for Gundam's 30th anniversary brought up the hype: game releases like Gundam: Battlefield Records *again, awesome animated intro... could spring an OVA of its own really* were part of it. What got everyone buzzing was this.

Gundam Unicorn. A novel. Side story. Serialised. Some dismissed it as hearsay... many didn't believe Sunrise had the guts to go back to the UC for fear of alienating their new fans (the kids watching SEED and gabra). Yet the rumours persisted, until it was finally announced officially. Image after image.. leading up to the first teaser trailer. Gawd, that trailer was AWESOME. But hey, just a trailer. Don't get your hopes up too much; after all... OO did look very promising initially. The full official trailer.... well. Amazing doesn't quite do it justice.

So it was with a lot of anticipation that I finally watched it. *download lah.... spend 100 bucks on gundam merchandise to redeem ticket for limited screening? I wish I had the cash....* OMG. Beautiful soundtrack. Beautiful environments. Beautiful mecha designs. Gawd awesome animation. It made me weep. I hope, for myself and all the other fans weeping with me *LOL* that this isn't a one off, that we'll not be left high and dry by yet another promised-so-much-yet-deliver-so-little series. The signs are looking good though.

for Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081.
Trailer for Gundam Unicorn

Can't wait for the next ep. Ahh......

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sugar is cold.....

Finito. Thanks to Yinghol, Sha and CL for colour advice. weeee!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is what my head looks like. Maybe.

Pierced through with an L pin.