Saturday, May 23, 2009

I confess.

A long time ago. At East Coast Park. On a crowded, weekend afternoon. A certain someone was cycling. Well, learning how to cycle anyway, since he's pretty noob at it. This certain someone had a few problems: firstly, his sense of balance is as good as that of a walking water bed. secondly, there were alot of people, cycling, walking, running, throwing sand at each other yadda yadda... near and around the tracks he was trying to learn to cycle. A noob cyclist, a lot of screaming kids running around. Sounds like a perfect recipe for disaster? You bet, and it nearly was. While cycling at full speed *since, in his noob cyclist state, he couldn't really balance unless he was speeding*, a little kid suddenly appeared out of nowhere, across his path. Holy mother fuck!he screamed in his mind!as he panicked and tried to maneuver out of the kid's way. the irony of it all? He managed to prevent the kid's death-by-rampaging-noob-cyclist, but failed to avoid the black metal lamppost. Yes, you'd think the moving target would be harder to dodge... the poor cyclist left East Coast Park with a long gash on his shin, a severely bruised ego, and a hugely painful pump on his head. Plus the memory of a traumatising event, which goes like... *100 stares frm curious onlookers wondering what the fuck just happened, a few laughing friends at the side, and a very shell shocked kiddo who happened to walk acroos his path.*

That cyclist was me. And today, that cyclist went back to Pulau Ubin for another shot at the *Learn how to cycle or forever be a noob* challenge.

I'm back at home now, relatively unscathed. Save for very sore forearms, very tired legs.

So, this time, I won. Without falling over even once. Nearly did a couple of times, but well.. I'm proud of myself. *smirks*

Plus. Today, someone told me something very interesting. I also saw alot of interesting things happening. Yes, its gotten me interested. *laughs*

ps> I really love having the wind in my face. Whether its on a boat, soaked in sea spray, or down a dirt track on a speeding bicycle.

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