Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little update on life v0.004

Uploaded kelong photos on facebook. Its long overdue, I know.

Heck, everything is long overdue. Long list of artwork that I've supposed to have done long long long long long long time ago.

Excercise routine begins. Run, swim, run, swim... lah. I'm getting my old tan back. Hopefully the belly and flabby ass will go away soon enough.

Diet, diet, diet.

Thought of buying a watch.

Might have to get spectacles sooner than I thought.

Snapped at work today: Stormed out of the office after yet another power trip. Sent out a really nasty email after that. I was childish, out of control, in need of anger management. Blahz.

Backup, reboot, reformat. beeeeeep.

I need the booze at OBS real soon. Where are my drinking buddies yo!!!

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