Thursday, October 30, 2008

Project Zoopid, entry 2

With a new signature. lol.

not really sure what else to do with it so I'll leave it as it is for now.

On to the next card.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

30 minute quickie

As it says. Quick paint while waiting for the liverpool portsmouth game. Random cyborg girl... not sure if I'll be doing anymore to her. Like the way she looks right now. hur hur

Project Zoopid, entry 1

Today I walked frm Sim Lim Tower to Takashimaya. Again. Wasn't too long ago that I walked the same route actually. So why did I do it again? Well.. came across some rant on theonlinecitizen abt the state of Singapore's iconic shopping paradise (never bought that notion btw.. Orchard to me was just another place I didn't belong to), and so I decided to walk down again and take another look. It was warm, sunny, but best of all, there was a nice breeze all the time. So I strolled. Walked. Took in what I could. At the end of it all, there were several things I noticed:

1. There's a lot of god damned construction going on. All retail space. Do we really have that much money to spend on building retail malls that are only going to makes us spend more of our lesser monies?

2. Its a mess. Probably due to all the construction at the same time, which brings me to the next thing...

3. Why is everything being built at the same time? Is all this construction generating 50k jobs for our expanding-labour-shrinking-market economy? Really?

Its strange. I still don't feel like I belong here, but that feeling is stronger than ever before. I don't wish to recognise this place as the perfect embodiment of the Uniquely Singapore booha; that nothing is uniquely Singaporean. Change for the sake of change. Whatever for? Its not improving anything. I dread. What it'll finally look like when all that construction is over. I'm quite sure I'll like it even even less than I do now.

That said, I have another point to make: I enjoyed the walk itself. Its the stuff along the way thats leaving the sour aftertaste.

Pic above is a concept of a stealth robot type hero character for the Zoopid grp prj. Yesh, finally getting down to it. And yes, lineless defination. The visor lights look kind of whacked, but anyway...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OMG.. words of...

and yes, I wanted to post this up but I forgot.

and you wonder why Singaporeans are thought to be elitist.

Then again, its probably for the better good of mankind, no?

Time for me to get that degree, before I end up without a mate. LOL.

Monday, October 27, 2008


At long last, that feeling that it could finally be our year, its back. Liverpool's win over Chelsea was as satisfying as beating manure. Well, almost. Early days still, I mean its still only 9 games into the season, but we're unbeatean, looking in great form, look slick going forward, never look like we're going to lose to anyone. Its great. If we're still on top by Xmas we can genuinely believe. Next few games are crucial, so fingers crossed. The title's coming home on the crest of the red tide!! Rawrrrrr~~~

Hitting a slump in my art direction. Can't seem to produce what I have in mind. Yina says, you work faster if you know what you want to do. I do, just that.. I don't knw what tools can get me to the final product. In simple terms, I don't knw how to make my software work for me, or should I say I don't knw how to use my software. Long way to go.

Had a nice chill out session @ Timbre last night. Cool place, pretty good company. As usual someone had to be the butt of our jokes, so sorry Wenqi. mwahahaha. And really, don't have to feel sad for me, what will be will be. If its not meant to be, too bad ;)

Signing contract tomorrow. Hope its the beginning of something good.

And let all money problems go out the window. I will not be responsible for the mistakes of somebody else.

Friday, October 24, 2008

First complete piece since... forever.

this took way too long. and still tons of bad about it. Linework's not very clean *despite taking forever to *try to* clean up*, not much tonal gradation, blah blah. I'm not even sure if thats a halberd, or a pike/speak/scythe she's wielding. Some weird hybrid I guess.

And I'm still not happy with her boob. It looks... nvm.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ouch.. my eyes...

If the previous piece took too long.. then this took bloody forever. 4 hrs? I think. Reminder to self: don't overpaint and make shit look even muddier shittier. At least this looks like decent skin tone, exluding some patches that still look like dead skin ... but thats besides the point. I like how the eye turned out: eyelashes could be more defined and natural looking, pupil could have more depth.. ah well. 2nd attempt at this tutorial; this is by far the better one.

Now I'll go watch Man Vs Wild.

Monday, October 20, 2008

This is me. I think.

Alright... this isn't really me. Mouth's too big, for one. And.. I'm not bald. I just don't knw what to do with the hair so... viola.

Random face painting practice. Need to work on speed.. took way too long. 1 hr I think? gah. Now I shall make up for lost sleep.


I need to work faster. Think less. Hm... make that.. don't think at all.

And I shall hunt down the mosquito(s) that kept me awake till 6 last night. Screw you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday. Still in a daze.

The same locations, rendered and put together in some kind of village setting.

Exhilarating football match last night between Wigan and Liverpool. Made me forget things, made me feel alive, gave me some kind of purpose, some kind of inspiration; if only for abt 100 minutes. After that reality kicked in again.

Today is one of the rare occasions when I don't like the rain. Felt like going out and soaking, but still had stuff to finish. By the time I did, the rain had stopped. I missed the chance to walk in the rain. Again.

If I pass the trial, I should be signing. I'll be working again. Doesn't feel like I've had enough of a break but as things stand now, I don't really have a choice. Not having any income, when the rest of the economic world is collapsing around me, seems like a luxury I can no longer afford.

I feel like screaming. K box anyone?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Today = No Good Day

Theme for the week: Toilet Bowls.

Everyone needs one. They take in all your shit without giving you any, and they don't complain. They don't make ridiculous requests. They don't cheat behind your back. They're always there for you. They know all your dirty secrets. So ladies and gentlemen, please give your wonderful self-sacrificing toilets bowls a little bit of your love, and flush them properly, wipe them with Magiclean and give them a little kiss. They'll love you for it.

Summary of today:

Bad day. Woke up feeling like a testosterone-overdose.

Get stupid news.

Did something hilariously stupid on msn: Like posting a horribly inappropriate link to a girl. Felt like tha dumbest ass on earth.

Did some stuff that turned out looking quite dumb. Yes, the stuff above. Actually some location roughs.

Get some more stupid news. I realise that I will have to pay for someone else's mistakes. Just because.

Reminder to self: never dabble in property even if you have the money. My kids, if ever, might have to pay off my debts.

ps: to the ladies who left me msgs on msn when I was afk, thanks. Love you lots *hugs*

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Speed painting. Well, it was supposed to be a speed painting... took more than an hour. So remove the speed from that.

Random. Thinking of stuff, and this came out amidst chaotic thoughts of world doom and random strokes on my tablet.

Maybe all I want is a quiet hut without any disturbance.

ps: before you go on your long list of critique... pls bear in mind that this is random. I knw there are a lot of things wrong with this.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wow, 2 posts in a day!! Am I really that free???

No updates for a while, so here's making up for it. mwahahahahah XD

It seems that a lot of people in this line, esp. @ management level, have no idea how a production pipeline works. Can lah can lah, no problem, can be done, no sweat.... get a life. Anyone who has prior production experience would knw that it is IMPOSSIBLE to come up with a working game demo (we're not talking pixel style pac man here..), with full 3D, integrated UI and proper coding... in 6 mths. Much less when you don't even have a proper production and programming team. NO PROGRAMMING TEAM. How the hell you're supposed to make the game, I have no idea.

Went volleyball again, on children's day. Yes I knw its supposed to be a bi-monthly thing, but.. things happen you knw. Like people pang seh and fly aeroplane, too lazy to wake up, have to accompany girlfriend blah blah blah... its not my fault, I swear.

Anyway, this time it's with a different bunch of people, namely Elaine's crazy gang. So I became part of the excess baggage, with Juline and YH in tow. Didn't take us too long to realise how out of our depth we are. Well it was fun overall. Better at volleyball than I thought I was *still out of my depth, but still somewhere I guess*. And I guess its easier to let loose when you're surrounded by dudes who are clinically insane and pretty friendly, prima facie. Maybe should pull my sec sch bunch to play with them sometime. Could see some sparks flying... *chuckles*

Relaxed mood, hamstrings feel like overpulled drawstrings, but looking forward to the next volleyball session. Note to self: remember to stretch the next time.

Room's still a mess. I shrug. Someday I will clean up my room. Really.

And here's a nice video link to end off this rant.

Finally done with this... Hurray!! On to the next big thing...

couple of freelance BGs for Tyler Games ... copyrighted to them of course. 3 frm a batch of 8 that I've been working on since... forever. lol ... procrastination is a sick disease. Next job on the list then =)