Thursday, June 11, 2009

tuesday, 9th June 2009. Day of Sin.

Everyone needs food therapy. Some need it more than once in a while, some need it more than once a day. I belong in both categories. Sheesh XD

Pasta Inc, again. This time its our first ever.... MF WW Art Team lunch. OMG... *while i silently wonder how many more there'll be.. LOL*!!!

My oh so heavenly carbonara pasta. I tried to promote the Nero de Seppia to the others, but no one took the bait. Dammit. This was one hell of a carbonara though. So good...

3 of us ordered it. LOL!! Well actually it was a coincidence, only realised these Christina and Juline ordered the same thing when it was served. Talk about coincidences. On a side note.. Juline doesn't like being captured on camera, when she's not ready. Just look at the murderous aura.

The other dudes at the party. Chan Leen, the suave hunky dude in the white top, and David the... not so suave and hunky.

Good session overall. Food therapy is good for productivity!! *I know, I felt too happy to work after that LOL!!*

Enough for a day? Hell no. You can never do too much sin, or have too much good food in a day.

Next up: Old Brown Shoe!! Dinner!!

Weston's Vintage Cinder, ooo so sexay calamari, ooo so pretty picture on the newspaper wrapping.

And there's the sexier stuff. Oooo la la!! Don't be deceived... there's a mountain of chips underneath that huge plateau of fried fish.

Too much sin for a day? Maybe. *burps*

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