Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wow, 2 posts in a day!! Am I really that free???

No updates for a while, so here's making up for it. mwahahahahah XD

It seems that a lot of people in this line, esp. @ management level, have no idea how a production pipeline works. Can lah can lah, no problem, can be done, no sweat.... get a life. Anyone who has prior production experience would knw that it is IMPOSSIBLE to come up with a working game demo (we're not talking pixel style pac man here..), with full 3D, integrated UI and proper coding... in 6 mths. Much less when you don't even have a proper production and programming team. NO PROGRAMMING TEAM. How the hell you're supposed to make the game, I have no idea.

Went volleyball again, on children's day. Yes I knw its supposed to be a bi-monthly thing, but.. things happen you knw. Like people pang seh and fly aeroplane, too lazy to wake up, have to accompany girlfriend blah blah blah... its not my fault, I swear.

Anyway, this time it's with a different bunch of people, namely Elaine's crazy gang. So I became part of the excess baggage, with Juline and YH in tow. Didn't take us too long to realise how out of our depth we are. Well it was fun overall. Better at volleyball than I thought I was *still out of my depth, but still somewhere I guess*. And I guess its easier to let loose when you're surrounded by dudes who are clinically insane and pretty friendly, prima facie. Maybe should pull my sec sch bunch to play with them sometime. Could see some sparks flying... *chuckles*

Relaxed mood, hamstrings feel like overpulled drawstrings, but looking forward to the next volleyball session. Note to self: remember to stretch the next time.

Room's still a mess. I shrug. Someday I will clean up my room. Really.

And here's a nice video link to end off this rant.

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