Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Project Zoopid, entry 1

Today I walked frm Sim Lim Tower to Takashimaya. Again. Wasn't too long ago that I walked the same route actually. So why did I do it again? Well.. came across some rant on theonlinecitizen abt the state of Singapore's iconic shopping paradise (never bought that notion btw.. Orchard to me was just another place I didn't belong to), and so I decided to walk down again and take another look. It was warm, sunny, but best of all, there was a nice breeze all the time. So I strolled. Walked. Took in what I could. At the end of it all, there were several things I noticed:

1. There's a lot of god damned construction going on. All retail space. Do we really have that much money to spend on building retail malls that are only going to makes us spend more of our lesser monies?

2. Its a mess. Probably due to all the construction at the same time, which brings me to the next thing...

3. Why is everything being built at the same time? Is all this construction generating 50k jobs for our expanding-labour-shrinking-market economy? Really?

Its strange. I still don't feel like I belong here, but that feeling is stronger than ever before. I don't wish to recognise this place as the perfect embodiment of the Uniquely Singapore booha; that nothing is uniquely Singaporean. Change for the sake of change. Whatever for? Its not improving anything. I dread. What it'll finally look like when all that construction is over. I'm quite sure I'll like it even even less than I do now.

That said, I have another point to make: I enjoyed the walk itself. Its the stuff along the way thats leaving the sour aftertaste.

Pic above is a concept of a stealth robot type hero character for the Zoopid grp prj. Yesh, finally getting down to it. And yes, lineless defination. The visor lights look kind of whacked, but anyway...

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