Monday, October 27, 2008


At long last, that feeling that it could finally be our year, its back. Liverpool's win over Chelsea was as satisfying as beating manure. Well, almost. Early days still, I mean its still only 9 games into the season, but we're unbeatean, looking in great form, look slick going forward, never look like we're going to lose to anyone. Its great. If we're still on top by Xmas we can genuinely believe. Next few games are crucial, so fingers crossed. The title's coming home on the crest of the red tide!! Rawrrrrr~~~

Hitting a slump in my art direction. Can't seem to produce what I have in mind. Yina says, you work faster if you know what you want to do. I do, just that.. I don't knw what tools can get me to the final product. In simple terms, I don't knw how to make my software work for me, or should I say I don't knw how to use my software. Long way to go.

Had a nice chill out session @ Timbre last night. Cool place, pretty good company. As usual someone had to be the butt of our jokes, so sorry Wenqi. mwahahaha. And really, don't have to feel sad for me, what will be will be. If its not meant to be, too bad ;)

Signing contract tomorrow. Hope its the beginning of something good.

And let all money problems go out the window. I will not be responsible for the mistakes of somebody else.

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