Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday. Still in a daze.

The same locations, rendered and put together in some kind of village setting.

Exhilarating football match last night between Wigan and Liverpool. Made me forget things, made me feel alive, gave me some kind of purpose, some kind of inspiration; if only for abt 100 minutes. After that reality kicked in again.

Today is one of the rare occasions when I don't like the rain. Felt like going out and soaking, but still had stuff to finish. By the time I did, the rain had stopped. I missed the chance to walk in the rain. Again.

If I pass the trial, I should be signing. I'll be working again. Doesn't feel like I've had enough of a break but as things stand now, I don't really have a choice. Not having any income, when the rest of the economic world is collapsing around me, seems like a luxury I can no longer afford.

I feel like screaming. K box anyone?

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