Friday, October 17, 2008

Today = No Good Day

Theme for the week: Toilet Bowls.

Everyone needs one. They take in all your shit without giving you any, and they don't complain. They don't make ridiculous requests. They don't cheat behind your back. They're always there for you. They know all your dirty secrets. So ladies and gentlemen, please give your wonderful self-sacrificing toilets bowls a little bit of your love, and flush them properly, wipe them with Magiclean and give them a little kiss. They'll love you for it.

Summary of today:

Bad day. Woke up feeling like a testosterone-overdose.

Get stupid news.

Did something hilariously stupid on msn: Like posting a horribly inappropriate link to a girl. Felt like tha dumbest ass on earth.

Did some stuff that turned out looking quite dumb. Yes, the stuff above. Actually some location roughs.

Get some more stupid news. I realise that I will have to pay for someone else's mistakes. Just because.

Reminder to self: never dabble in property even if you have the money. My kids, if ever, might have to pay off my debts.

ps: to the ladies who left me msgs on msn when I was afk, thanks. Love you lots *hugs*

1 comment:

Elaine ChanChan said...

my oooo myy!! havent been here for a few weeks and posts have sprung like mushrooms!!

honestly we need more people like you giving inspiring speeches on cherishing out toilet bowls..

OH seriously you know wat?!? i'm gonna rip that paragraph out and paste it in my office toilet.. and maybe there'll be less misfire and spills.

i'll try and let you know.