Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weird things I see...

What do you see when you combine the 3rd Angel frm Eva with Pinochio?

Imagine yourself in this room. Wide window, with the blinds drawn on your left. Whiteboard at one end. Empty space where the meeting table should have been. You're in the room, but not in the room; feels like you're some sort of security camera, with a worm's eye view of the room. It is dim, very dim... probably night time, with the lights off and the blinds drawn. The silhouettes of whatever is in the room can barely be made out. Teeth chatters; it is freezing cold, like you're in a cold room rather than a meeting room.

The door creaks open. Or you THINK it creaks open, as no sound is heard, as the door opens. Slowly. Slowly. No light pours in as the door opens; not quite what you expected. So the lights outside this room are off as well, you think to yourself. While you lost focus, the door opens fully. Took it long enough though.. then out of the corner of your eye, something moves. Slight, slight movement. Something touching the floor. A foot. Followed by another. Someone is walking into the room, and strangely, you only KNOW its someone; you can barely make out a silhouette that looks human, slowly walking into the room. The figure walks around the room. Slowly. All the while keeping his *assume to be a male* head down so you cannot make out his facial features. You notice that he looks strange; even though you can't make out details, you see little protrusions from his face; as if you were looking at a cactus. Other than that, you notice somethings else, as the figure slowly paces around the room. He has very long feet; he seems to have wrapped his arms in his sleeves across his chest; he's hunchbacked, or at least, walking with a hunch; he walks in an exaggerated wavy motion, almost like a cartoon character; he SEEMS to be bald, as light gleams off the top of his head.

You do not move from your position, or at least, you keep the same point of observation. After what seems like hours, the figure finally stops pacing around the room. You see him looking around the room a bit, and then, he arches back and stretches himself. His arms stretch out, exposing themselves from his sleeves, and now you see it; he has little fine protrusions along the length of his arms. Like the ones you saw previously on his face. What are those? Spikes? Nails?

And then his hands unclench, his fingers stretch out as well. Just like his feet, his fingers are unnaturally long. And sharp. And pointed. Like claws or hooks. He arches his back some more, and now you see it. His face. Yes. His spikey face. Set on a face thats porcelain white and seems made of ceramic. Black unbalanced, deep-set orbs of black that, perhaps, are his eyes. His nose, or what seems like his nose, splits his face vertically in 2. Sharp cheek bones, sharp protruding chin. No visible mouth.

He stops in mid pose, as if frozen. Or maybe, just maybe, he finally realises he's being watched. His head tilts, slowly, in your direction. Your eyes meet. Or rather, your eyes and his deep-set, jet black orbs on his face that you thought were his eyes. They start gleaming with a deep, violetish glow.

And in an instant, he's upon you. Right up to your face. Looking at you intensely. He reaches for his arm, for one of the protrusions on his arm, and pulls it out. Some liquid you assume to be blood squirts out. He holds the object between his fingers, and raises it to your face. You now see what it is that covers his arms and face: Long J hooks. He circles it round, and round, and round. And then you hear him speak. Or you think you hear him speak, as he has no mouth to speak of, or speak from. What you hear, the voice that breaks this chilling silence, is a deep, guttural, almost robotically monotone voice.

He asks: Would you like some of these too? His blood still drips off the hook.


I asked: What do you see when you combine the 3rd Angel frm Eva with Pinochio? I have the answer now, and I've seen him 2 nights in a row. Add to the previous string of weird dream's I've had over the past week, all of them set in my former workplace.

I love the night.

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