Sunday, July 27, 2008

My first time...

In Sentosa on a saturday morning, playing beach volleyball. Yes I played beach volley. Not played volleyball since my secondary school days, and never played it on a beach (yes I have no life). But yeah, now IS the time for me to try things anew I guess. Great fun, good day out in the not-so-sunny sunshine, and had some eye candy to go with it. Not bad for a morning outing.

Body feels shagged *should really step up the excercise regime*, but I feel really refreshed. Hope this is the springboard for me to get on with life. Try more, do more, work more, feel more. While I still have the time and energy.

Preparing computer for reformat. I might disappear for awhile *like, log in less msn* after this, might not. We'll see.

Looking forward to more happy weekends. LOL.

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neolistic said...

Yes, been a long time. I hear bones creaking as I do digs. Spiking is beyond me now.

If you want company on weekends or evenings, feel free to look me up.