Monday, June 9, 2008

Of Sea Perches and Daikon Cream

I object. Violently. None of my brothers should be subjected to such torture. Miso Sea Perch with Daikon Cream. Ground, grated, mashed, blended... for cream!?!?! I can't even begin to imagine the pain they went through as they were heartlessly dumped into the blenders. I mourn your deaths, my beloved brethren. I shall observe a lifetime of EMO in remembrance XD

lolz. Dinner @ TCC was a blast. Haven't laughed so hard in a while, was really great fun. Sorry for making the ladies wait though (wush and jingwen, gomen~). Should have taken more pictures of the food, looked pretty gorgeous. Check out their spanking new menu if you haven't.

The dreams continue, and still not getting sleep. Its becoming a luxury item together with petrol and rice. Ah well, screw it.

I really should start painting this stuff. Actually, I love these guys. I'll probably develop them further. lol. Maybe. Perhaps, when I get out of Procrastination Lane.

May tomorrow be wonderful too, as it says, in this lullaby for you =)


Elaine ChanChan said...

me always amazed at how tu can do complicated sketches like zat and with ziss i salute you monsieur..

nice boobs btw..(the first one)lool

CC said...

sankyuu madame, but honestly, i like the 2nd lady better, boobs and all. lol XD

munhow@nothingbutpixels said...

very MGS feel :) or maybe just me. mgs4 rocks :D sorry. yeah you rocks too