Sunday, November 23, 2008

A little update on life...

As the title says. Quite a bit has happened since I last posted. In a nutshell...

1. I started work.

2. I decided to eat in during lunch time. Always. It shall stay that way. Unless I'm asked out.

3. A certain lady asked me out for lunch for reasons that... i found quite strange. She was pretty in a black long sleeved top, but what we talked about... was far from pretty. *lol* Had a long chat, thought of some things while chatting, told her somethings that i wanted to keep to myself, overshot my lunch hour, yadda yadda. Agreed on somethings with her, hope she remembers.

4. Had lunch with my bunneh sistah at this cafe in OG Bugis. Interesting place that, I commented, would be nice for a night date.

5. Was asked to help out with WQ's wedding videos.

6. Attended my cousins' belated wedding dinner, and had a good bonding session with my niece in the process. Yesh, the same niece who whacked my head with a Rubix cube during CNY. Ah well, nvm. She's so adorable I'll forgive her for anything.

7. Company lunch @ Sakuran Orchard.

8. Anime Fest Asia, day 1. Lunch @ Kuishinbo before heading down to the event. Honestly, a bit of a letdown. Was expecting much more, though the Sky Crawlers trailers had me licking my lips. Some of the Gundam dioramas were pretty impressive as well.

9. Anime Fest Asia, day 2. Went to Kino before that and burnt all $100 worth of my Kino vouchers. May'n's concert was a blast. Finally, something happened this month that wasn't a disappointment: she was as good a live performer as I expected, even better. Regret not getting a VIP pass. The seminar by the Studio 4C prj manager *can't remember her name... blehz* was also very enlightening. Its a pity that, to me at least, I don't believe Studio 4C's idealogies can work in profit oriented (and nothing else) SG.

10. Also met that certain lady who asked me out for lunch earlier in the mth. And I noticed that she was wearing the same long sleeved black top she did when she met me for lunch. *yes I notice petty details like that* So we watched May'n together, the bunch of us. For the 2nd time, we watched a concert together. I wonder if she realised that.

The month simply zipped past. So fast, its unreal. There's also this overwhelming desire to detach myself frm everything, everyone. Feels like too much of a chore. Ghosts of the past keep returning to haunt me. One morning, during breakfast, right after the wedding dinner, I had to resist the urge to scream at my mum and brother. Pls, just stop talking about it. You don't know a thing; I do. Don't make it worse for me.

Been playing the new OO opening on loop for the past couple of days. *"Because love always hurt me..." you whispered.* Loving it. Its amazing how you can hide such sad lyrics in such a happening rhythm and beat.

I've way overspent. Now I shall start counting down to payday *whistles~~~*.

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