Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mental Sums...

Heads up, the end of the year is fast approaching and so... its time to start thinking of another resolution for the new year that I'll probably not follow anyway.

Nah. Planning for the future is quite pointless right now. Instead, I shall look back on the past festive season and... do my maths. X-mas is over, and I'm not expecting *and not hoping for* any more surprises in the new yr. So, as it stands now, I've gotten the following as presents (x-mas, bdays, whatever):

1 very colourful PURPLE T-shirt *thanks you ladies and gentleman...*
1 very PINK t-shirt *to the same bunch of people...*
1 black with gold-printed GUYS NIGHT OUT t-shirt *company xmas exchange, don't knw what to say to this really...*
RHS vouchers *tks*
1 revoltech Gurren Lagann *loves it, thanks a lot =)*
1 handphone strap *well...*
1 copy of ImagineFX *omg... never thought I'd get something like this for gift exchange, awesome shit*
1 imitation Liverpool Jersey *oh well... lolz, tks I guess, haha*

Not too bad a haul, some pleasant surprises, some... pretty orz presents, la la.

I've way overspent again. Just did my sums for Oct - December. Including household expenses, I've spent a grand total of approx 4k in 3 mths. Horrible, horrible. I shall have to hibernate, scrimp and save for the next few mths, esp if I do go for the scuba licence.

And I've come to a decision, finally. Yep, enough is enough. Sometimes, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser. When all else fails, I have my sisters, my sister's mum (LOL, you know who you are), my friends. When even that fails..... I have despair.com to let me laugh it off.

Almost becoming a drama addict. So I guess, not much art update for the time being. There's a niggling suspicion that I might not survive my probation *probably another case of hypersensitive paranoia* but we'll tackle that if it happens. IF.

Lastly, some interesting stuff happening over at the zupids. Link on the right. Actually, we're expecting some interesting stuff to happen that is supposed to have happened already....

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